About Us

About Us

With 40+ years in the food industry, we know how important making high-quality food is! We are committed to making the best tasting, most nutritious, and healthiest versions of your favorite foods. Our recipes are the result of years of experience and experimenting. Our philosophy is that by combining great recipes with the most wholesome, freshest ingredients possible, we can achieve the best tasting and most nutritious food possible.

The Local Advantage

Being a privately-owned local business, we have the freedom to constantly improve our recipes and test new ideas – we are not limited by corporate guidelines, or compromises to quality and ingredients in order to distribute on a large scale. We are able to source our ingredients locally wherever possible, and are committed to using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients we can find.

About Our Ingredients

Our Pizza Dough is used with flour that has never been bleached or bromated. We only use Extra Virgin Olive Oil – in fact, the oil we use is imported from Europe! Our pizza sauce is made from vine-ripened tomatoes and spices… and nothing else, no additives or preservatives. We even use 100% spring water (instead of municipal or well water). Our mozzarella cheese is the finest available, so that you get that great gooey stretch when you grab a slice. Even our pepperoni is hand-sliced from the best possible pepperoni sticks.

Our pasties, which we make by hand daily, are made with hand-cut fresh vegetables. Our beef pasty (our most popular version) uses naturally, locally-grown beef. The cattle are primarily grass-fed (their diet is supplemented with GMO-free corn, grown on-site), and are 100% steroid and antibiotic free. Pasties are a tradition here in Michigan! While we do forgo the traditional lard and use butter instead, we are confident that ours are the best pasties South of the Mackinac Bridge!

We use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients
available – why would you feed your family anything else?